Middle East Study Guide



  • A fertile or green area in an arid region (as a desert) 

  •  Something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast

Red Sea
[image]A sea that lays between the Arabian penninsula and Africa, and also is under the Saiani Penninsula
Ur (The City)
It is said in the Torah that Abraham was told to leave his cityof Cannan and travel to Ur.

Rub’ Al Khali

The desert that covers a quarter of Suadi Arabia’s land. It is also known as the Empty Quarter.
Gulf of Oman
It is a gulf the connects the Arabian Sea to the Strait of Hormuz.
Part of ancient Palestine between Jordan River & the Mediterranean —sometimes used to refer to all of ancient Palestine.

A fortress that was the center of Jerusalem.
Silk Road
Ancient trade route that extended from China to the Mediterranean Sea.
A major economic in Turkey and the only city that is part of two contents.

Sumerians are the people of ancient times that lived in the middle eastern land.


Bedouins are people that lived and travel in the desert.

Most bedouins are nomadic heards.




Hammurabi was an ancient (THE SIXTH)king in the Babylonian empire

Babilonian was an empire in mesopotamia and was later overthrown
Byzantine Empire
An ancient empire of Mesopotamia and was developed around 1557
Hagar was abraham’s second wife along with Sarah
Sarah was abraham’s first and original wife.
Ishmael was oneof Abraham’s two sons, whose mother is Hagar and is mentioned in the Qu’ran
Isaac was Sharah’s son and Abraham’s son and is mentioned in the Torah.
Kudrish People
Kurds are an ehtnic group in the middle east They are traditionally nomadic and are urban dwellers.
Suleiman I(Magnificent)
He was the best sultan and made their economy rise
the Sultan’s chosen “gaurds”
a collective farm or settlement in Isreal
Anwar Sadat
The president of Egypt, 1970-1981
The Eodus
The second book in the old testament and discribes Israelis fleeingEgypt under Moses
a streambed that remains dry eept in the rainy season
The code based on laws from the Qu’ran
Aleader of Islamic Polity, Muhammed’s sucsessor
Freedom having different religous thoughts
Balfour Decleration
The decloration that promised the establishment of a Jewish state
Camp David Accords
a treaty that worked for Middle eastern peace
Socialst Realism
Idealization of a dictatorship
Muslim Calendar
A calendar based on Islamic beliefs
a government order to stop distrabuting goods to an area
agricultural products from synthesized or refined products

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