Miscellaneous Middle East Facts

Explain the reason why there is a water crisis in the Middle East.
  • The population is rapidly growing.
  • Much of the Middle East is desert; which only receives less than 10 inches of rain per year.
  • A good portion of the water is used for desert farming projects.

Explain solutions to the water crisis in the Middle East.
  • Treated wastewater for crops (could contaminate them)
  • Desalination projects (very expensive)


What is the significance of the Persian Gulf?
It has large oil deposits located throughout it and is a passage to the Arabian Sea.
What is the significance of the Suez Canal?

Located in Eygpt.

It connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. It also allows ships to go faster; without it, they would have to go around Africa. 

How did the Arabians adapt to the deserts in the Arabian Peninsula?
  • Becoming nomads and moving constantly.
  • Using camels for transportation.
  • Loose-fitting gowns and headdresses worn.
  • Herds give food, wool and leather. (cows, goat and sheep)
  • Bartered to get other things.

How did the Arabians adapt to the oases in the Arabian Peninsula?
  • Some nomads became sedentary.
  • Farming of peaches and grains.
  •  Farmers bartered crops for milk, meat and camel hair.
  •  Date palm tree: Used for shade, food, wood for houses, leaves for roofs and trunks used as irrigation pipes.

How has the discovery of oil impacted Saudi Arabia?
It is completely modernized and it gets more money for its desalination projects. Its infrastructure (i.e. schools, roads, airports, sea ports and communication systems) has also improved.

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