Modern Energy Use

What is the main type of fuel people use before a country is developed?
Biomass such as wood, animal dung, and peat
How many people in the world have no access to electricity?
1.3 billion
How many people in the world have to rely on biomass for light?
2 billion or more
In which unit is energy usage measured and compared?
Oil equivalents in barrels, no matter what the original energy source was
What has happened to world energy consumption in the last 30 years?
It has doubled
What does OECD stand for?
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Who is in the OECD?
Developed countries such as the US, UK, France, Japan, and Sweden
What do OECD members do?
Provide development assistance to developing countries in the form of donations.
What is ODA?
Official Development Assistance. The donations given by the OECD.

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