Ms. H AP Human Test Prep Countries


E – focus on agriculture and textile industries, there is large growth

S – people are Bengali, they speak Bengla, and are Islamic. There is a lack of infrastrucutre

P – parliamentary republic

N – deforestation is a threat, water is at risk


E – agriculture, cottage industry, caste system based on economic status

S – social classes constructed by caste, many people are Hindu, speak Hindu and English

P – most populous democracy

N – face pollution issues due to overcrowding/overpopulation


E – agriculture and industry

S – speak Urdu, struggle with lack of education, six main ethnic groups

P – parliamentary republic

N – deforestation and water contamination are concerns

Sri Lanka

E – export graphite, semi-precious and precious stone, focus on agriculture

S – Buddhist and Hindu, Sinhalese and Tamil

P – Republic

N – deforestation, poaching


E – electricity, timber, agriculture

S – Tibetan dialects, Buddhism, Hinduism

P – constitutional monarchy

N – soil erosion, lack of clean water


E – iron and steel, textiles, vegetables

S – Nepali, but business transactions are done through English; Buddhist

P – federal democratic republic

N – deforestation, contaminated water, pollution, poaching


E – electrical supplies, clothing, manufactured goods

S – Mandarin, Taoist, Buddhist, Confucianist, emphasis on education, most populated country

P – communist state

N – pollution


E – textiles, copper

S – Mongolian, Buddhism, atheism 

P – parliamentary

N – steppe, semi-desert and desert; limited freshwater, urbanization, generation of energy

North Korea

E – minerals and metals, agriculture

S – Korean, atheist 

P – communist

N – water pollution, deforestation, soil erosion

South Korea

E – electric products, machinery

S – Korean, Christian, Buddhist

P – republic

N – air/water pollution, acid rain


E – vehicles, computer parts

S – Japanese, Shinto and Buddhist

P – parliamentary government with constitutional monarchy

N – air pollution, fish stocks


E – electronics, machinery

S – Mandarin, Taiwanese, Buddhist, Confucianist, Taoist

P – multiparty democracy

N – air/water pollution, raw sewage


E – crude oil, natural gas

S – Malay, English, Chinese, Muslim

P – constitutional sultanate

N – seasonal smokoe/haze, forest fires


E – clothing, timber, rubber

S – Khmer, Thereveda Buddhist

P – multiparty democracy under constitutional monarchy

N – illegal logging, habitat loss, declining biodiversity, soil erosion, lack of water

East Timor

E – coffee, marble

S – Tetum and Portuguese, English and Indonesian; Roman Catholic

P – republic

N – slash and burn has led to deforestation and soil erosion


E – oil and gas, plywood, textile

S – Indonesian, Muslim

P – republic

N – deforestation, water/air pollution, 


E – timber, coffee, gold, clothing, copper

S – Lao, French; Buddhist, animist

P – communist state, terrorism and political turmoil

N – deforestation, soil erosion, lack of water access


E – electronic equipment, petroleum, wood, textile

S – Malay, English, Chinese dialects, Tamil; Muslim

P – constitutional monarchy with political turmoil

N – air/water pollution, deforestation

Myanmar (Burma)

E – teak, pulses and beans, fish, prawns

S – Burmese, indigenous ethnic languages; Buddhist

P – parliamentary government, acts of terrorism

N – deforestation, industrial pollution of air/soil/water


E – elecrical machinery, clothing, food, timber products

S – Filipino, English; Roman Catholic

P – republic, some terrorism

N – deforestation, soil erosion, air and water pollution


E – computer equipment, machinery, rubber

S – English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil; Buddhist

P – parliamentary republic

N – industrial pollution, limited freshwater, smoke from forest fires, 


E – rice, seafood, live animals, textiles, rubber

S – Thai; Buddhist

P – constitutional monarchy, some terrorism

N – air pollution from vehicles, water pollution, deforestation, soil erosion


E – petroleum, rice, coffee, clothing, fish

S – Vietnamese; atheist

P – communist state

N – deforestatin and soil degradation from slash-and-burn, water pollution, overfishing, lack of potable water


E – sugar, clothing, gold, fish, timber

S – English, Fijian, Hindi; Christianity, Hinduism, Islam

P – some terrorism, republic

N – deforestation, soil erosion

New Caldonia

E – nickel, prawns

S – French, Melynesian and Polynesian dialects; Christianity, indigenous beliefs

P – parliamentary representative democracy

N – erosion caused by mining exploitation and forest fires

Papua New Guinea

E – gold, petroleum, copper, coffee, palm oil, logs

S – English, Tok Pisin, Hiri Motu; Christianity, indigenous beliefs

P – constitutional parliamentary democracy with a commonwealth realm; some terrorism

N – deforestation due to tropical timber demand, pollution from mining, severe drought

Solomon Islands

E – timber, fish, palm oil

S – English, Melanesian dialects; Christianity

P – parliamentary democracy with a commonwealth realm

 N – deforestation, soil erosion, death of coral reefs


E – copra, timber, beef, cocoa

S – Bislama, French, English; Christianity

P – parliamentary republic

N – lack of water access, deforestation

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