North Africa and the Middle Ea

What is the major climate region of North Africa and the Middle East?
What main country is on the Anatolian Peninsula?
Where is N. Africa and Middles East located?
North Africa and the Middle East is a region south ans east of the Mediterranean Sea and North oand West of the Arabian Peninsula
Why is seawater bad for drinking?
High Salt Content
What is irrigation?
The artificial watering of crops
How many years separate the start of the Old Kingdom of Ancient Egypt and the start of the Kingdom of Mali?
3,940 years
True or False:
The 365 calendar is an example of an achievement of the Nile River Valley Civilizations
True or False:
Egypt is concsidered the “Gift of the Nile”
What 2 rivers formed the “Fertile Crescent” of Ancient Mesopotamia?
Tigris and Euphrates
What does OPEC stand for?
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
The Phoenician alphabet helped traders and sailors in what way?
Easier communication and faster writing
True or False: Members of Islam, the Middle East’s predominant religion would most likely make a pilgrimage to Mecca.
A muezzin is an important person for which religion?
What is a common factor in the daily lives of Arab city dwellers and nomadic Bedouin peoples?
Islamic religion
What religion has the largest number of followers in the world?
The Suez Canal is a passageway that links which two bodies of water?
Red Sea & Meditteranean Sea

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