North Africa and the Middle East

What map would I use to know the location of North Africa and the Middle East ?
Write a question for the following answer: North Africa and the Middle East is a region south and east of the Mediterranean Sea and North and West of the Arabian Sea/ Peninsula.
What two regions are south and east of the Mediterranean Sea and North and West of the Arabian Sea/ Peninsula.
The Suez Canal is a passageway that links which two bodies of water? Why?
The Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. To make Egypt equal to western nations.
What are the major climate regions of North Africa and the Middle East? Which climate is dominant?
Desert and semidesert. Desert is dominant.
What is irrigation?
To transport water from one place to another, like a river to dry land. It is used to water plants.
What does OPEC stand for and what does OPEC do?
Organization of Petroelum Exporting Countries. Decides the price and amount of oil produced each year in the Middle East.
Why is seawater bad for drinking and irrigation?
It is salty and will dehydrate people and plants.
What is the process of removing salt from sea water? What natural resource do countries on the Arabia Peninsula have in order to afford this process?
Desalination. Oil.
What two rivers formed the Fertile Cresent of Ancient Mesopotomia?
Euphrates, and tigris
When looking at a trimeline what mathematical operation would you use to find the amounts of years in between the following: *a B.C.E and a B.C.E year
*a C.E. and a C.E. year
List examples of achievements of the Nile River Valley Civilizations?
365 day calendar, irrigation, mummification, shipbuilding, system of writing
List and describe three ancient systems of writing:
Heiroglyphs-use of pictures to communicate ideas
The Phoenician alphabet helped all people in what way?
Made it simpler to learn and write the language.
What are the common characteristics of the religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam?
They all believe in only one God. And that God created the universe.
List a place of worship for Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
List the 5 pillars of Islam:
(Shahada)1. One God, muhammed is God’s prophet
(salah)2. Pray 5 times a day
(Zakah)3. Giving to the poor and needy.
(saum) 4. Fasting during Ramadan
(Hajj)5. Making a spiritual trip to Mecca
True or false: members of Islam, the Middle Easts predominant religion would most likely make a pilgrimage to Mecca.
A muezzin and imam is an important person for which religion? What are their jobs?
Islam. The muezzin leads people in prayer 5 times a day. The imam is the worship leader of the mosque. ie. a Christian priest
What is reincarnation? What ancient, North Africa civilization believed in reincarnation?
Coming back to life after death. Hindus
What is a political cartoon? How would you analyze a political cartoon?
Express and opinion about a serious subject. Make a chart to summarize its meaning.

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