north africa middle east geography

  • used to be largest mosque.
  • Just north of Dubai.
  • Pretty liberal.
  • Mosque built by huge personal donation from King of Saudi Arabia. Did it because the (at the time) Emir of Sharjah made a deal with King of SA that alcohol would never be allowed in Sharjah.

Mosques (interior)
  • no icons,
  • only alter at front (keblah),
  • and carpet.

Containing facility in Straight of Hormuz
  •  belongs to UAE emirate Fujairah.
  • in order to divert from Iran’s control if they want to take over the straight.

  • Lives off money from gas
  • 1960s independence
  • Sultan- head of royal family
  • Economics- good economy. Exporting a lot of LNG- but not like Qatar. Have very good agriculture and excellent irrigation. Date palms;
  • Has a little bit of oil, not a member of OPEC. Follow their own quota.


  • ;Current sultan of Oman
  • Most feel that if they had an open election, he would win 80% of vote.
  • In early 1970s had a palace coup. Qaboos; dad was bad manager of money and horded the gas money. When Qaboos took over,; 6 paved roads, 2 hospitals, no school for girls and only boys schools were religious schools. When he took over, he started to distribute money that his dad had horded and used for improvements in these areas.
  • His dad was scared of him. So dad put him on house arrest in south of country. British set up the Coup and ran dad out. Immediately started to use the money to improve country.
  • Had military training at Sandhurst.- British
  • Main problem is that with his lifestyle, he does not have children to take over after him.
  • Committed one month a year to travel country and allow citizens to talk to him about any problems and have access to him
  • Yemen
    • Has Hydromatte. Where Osama bin Laden;s family is from. Very conservative.
    • Chewing qat
    • Oil field near SA border. It is controversial issue.
    • Poor Country.

    chewing qat
    instead of coffee break or siesta they take a break for chewing qat. Has narcotic in the leaf and when you chew it, you get a rush.. has fuck it syndrome. Everything shuts down because people are high.
    Saudi Ar. Am. Co.
  • Saudi co (1989) (Arabian American Company). In Dahran.
  • President of Saudi Aram Co
    • ;Ali Naimi-
    • most powerful oil man in the world.
    • ;Current SA minister of oil.
    • Represents SA in OPEC meetings.

    King of Saudi Arabia

    King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud. Nick name- Ibm Saud- united kingdom in 1932. found oil in 1938. ;

    Well #8
    Well #8. they found it and it is still pumping (1938-2008) over 70 years.
    Saudi Arabia
    • ;big player;
    • If not for oil, would not matter economically to the world.
    • Has about a quarter of all oil in the world. Minimum 310 Billion barrels of oil in reserves.
    • 1932 became official country. Fairly new country.
    • Number one in world for oil.
    • 1985-1986 could have sold oil for 1.80 a barrel.

    Where is oil in Saudi Arabia?
    Eastern Provence
    • on east side- built two large facilities
    • Jubail- Persian gulf
    • Yan Bu- Red sea.
    • Used for exportation of oil.

    Desalination and Saudi Arabia
    • A lot of oil and gas used in desalination.
    • all over SA coasts.
    • Had 38 desalination plants
    • ;Burn energy to produce steam to create electricity.
    • Makes 2 products. 1. electricity 2. fresh water.
    • ;Saudis most advanced in desalination in the world.

    Agriculture in SA

    still a nomadic type of agriculture


    • subsistence migratory agricultures
    • ;Raise goats and farms.
    • Most have moved to cities. It was a hard life, camping in desert, no electricity, no water; etc.

    Subsistence;vs Migratory farming
  • Subsistence- use what they have
  • ;Migratory- move
  • Arabs and Pork
    • Saudis LOVE lamb. Don;t eat pork.
    • ;;Christians only ones that eat pork.
    • Judaism and Islam don;t eat pork.

    • ;parasite that gets into flesh of pork and lays eggs.
    • If you don;t cook it well, and eggs not killed, the egg will hatch in your stomach and become larva.
    • Leads to maggots exiting at every ;hole; in your body.;
    • He thinks that this along with scriptural reasons is why they don;t eat pork.

    How do Arabs eat their steaks?
    Well done. No pink or blood. EVER
    Racing Camels
    • ;prefer female camels because they are faster.
    • Adults do desert races.
    • Children race around tracks.
    • Inside the tracks is a metal guard rail that the camel cant get out. And on other side of rail is a road that the owners drive on to cheer on the camels.;
    • They cant gamble, but they can get really good prizes, like a 100,000 Mercedes.

    kids and camel racing
  • Kids are usually under 12. they want small young light children to start these camels out.
  • They buy the children from morocco, Algeria, Libya, etc., and then pay families remittances.
  • Iranian Revolution

    • 1980- Iraq- Iranian war-
    • Sadam invaded Iran.
    • 8 years of war.
    • 1,000,000 people dead.. about ; and 1/2.
    • Shaw was friend with US and when;Iran overthrew the Shaw we put an embargo to quit selling Iranians weapons because Reagan in office and classified Iran as terrorist nation. So we could not sell them weapons.
    • ;Westernized Iran
    • Kuwait funded Iraq for that war
    • Signed truce in 1988.

    Iran-Contra conflict.
  • Oliver North persuaded Israelis to sell their American weapons for cash, we got gold, and bought weapons for Contra.
  • 1979- overthrew shah of iran
  • Peacock thrown- pro American
  • 2nd stongest military in the ME. #1 isreal.
  • kuwiat iraq war
    • 1990- Sadam invades Kuwait.
    • Reasons 1. Sadam says that historically Kuwait was part of Iraq;s history.
    • 2. Kuwaitis were doing horizontal drilling into Iraqi oil pool.
    • French and British responsible for this mess. They redrew border of the middle east. 60% shitte. 20% sunni. 18% kurds.

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