oklahoma geo exam 1

people have been in oklahoma since _________?
9,000 bc
what group moved into the state after the last ice age and were big game hunters
what people settled in the panhandle and were big game hunters
folsom people
what forced the clovis and folsom people north
a 6000 bc climate change made the state warmer and drier and forced the animals to the north
what did the the climate change to what it is today?
500 bc
when did people build mounds in eastern ok?
600 ad
where is the main center for mound building
how many major mounds are at spiro?
what is the largest mound in spiro?
400 feet long 30 feet high
when did the mound builders leave
1450 ad
what two main groups lived in oklahoma at the time of european exploration
the catto and wichita
where did the catto and wichita stay
in sw ok
what did the catto and wichita live in
when did the commanche move into western ok
the commanche were _________.
when and where did the osage settle in ok
1750 in ne ok
when did indian removal start
teh 1820’s and 1830’s
when were most creeks moved
1836 & 1837
where did the creeks live before removal
right next to rivers in alabama
what were some issues the creeks faced in ok
drier than they were used to, greater range of temps, more unpredictable rivers
where did the lower creek settle
around tulsa
which creek were wealthier upper or lower
wealthier creek
which creeks owned slaves and established plantations and used slave labor
the lower creek
the lower creek are in what part of creek nation
the northern part
which creek were consevative
the upper creek
small farms, only farmed what they needed, not much contact with outiders: upper or lower creek
upper creek
how were the creeks economies before the civil war?
even though some of the creeks supported the north they were all ___________ by the government
how did the government punish the creek nation
by taking away territory
how did white folk move into creek nation as a result of the government punishment
how did railroads present creek nation to white folk
as unsettled and eden
what year were there more whites in creek nation than creeks
where did the most settlers come from
texas, arkansas, missouri
how many acres were the creek adults allotted each?
160 acres
what did allottment allow?
more whites to enter creek nation and take up land
where is the wiahita battlefield located
cheyenne (western Ok)
when was the washita battle
november 27 1868
who attacked the washita at the banks of the washita river
george custer and 800 soldiers
how many cheyenne were killed in the wahita battle
around 103 (mostly women and children)
how many horses did custer shoot
when was wahita promoted by the state as a tourist destination
what was a result of the wahita batlle
cheyenne were forced onto reservations
oklahoma history textbooks ____________ the signifiance of the wahita battle
when does memorilization begin at the site of the washita battle
the 1960’s
over the last 15 years there has been an effort to ______________ about the washita battle
balance the story

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