Prentice Hall Ch 5 Vocab

continental divide
boundary separating rivers flowing west from rivers flowing east
ability to read and write
territory separate from but subject to a ruling power
rivers and streams that flow into a river
drainage basin
entire area of land whose runoff is collected by a major river and its tributaries
standard of living
measurement of a person’s or a group’s education, housing, health care, and nutrition
Industrial Revolution
The ____ introduced the era of factory-made goods.
Texas was ____ into the United States in 1845.
Glaciated areas are characterized by polished rocks and ____.
rain shadow
Because the Rocky Mountains block moisture-laden winds from the Pacific Ocean, the eastern slopes and plains lie in a(n) ____.
California was ____ to the United States after Mexico lost a war.
per capita
____ electricity consumption in Canada is greater than in the United States.

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