Quiz on Physical Geography of Latin America

More than 1/2 of all south American land and people are located in this country.
Mexico and the seven countries of central america
What countries make up Middle America
The Bahamas, the greater andtilles, and the lesser antilles
What countries make up the caribbean or west indies?
Brazil and 12 other countries
what countries make up south america?
sierra madre del sur
in mexico the sierra madre occidental and the sierra madre oriental meet near mexico city to form what sharp peaked mountains.
guiana highlands
these mountains are located in the northeastern part of south america
brazilian highlands
these mountains are located in the eastern portion of south america
what mountains are the world’s longest mountain chain that are located in westen south america and run about 4500 miles long?
what mountain chain is located in south america that is second in height only to the himalayas?
what plateau is located between the sierra madres in mexico
matto grosso
what plateau is a sparsely populated plateau covered with forests and grasslands that spreads across much of brail and southwest to bolivia and peru?
brazilian highlands
what plateau lies east of mato grosso and is so vast that it spans several climate and vegetaion zones
what plateau is located in southern argentina?
what plains area have the people of venezuela and columbia ben raising cattle of for hundreds of years?
amazon river basin
what is the largest lowland area of south america called?
gran chaco
what plains area is a heavily forested lowland area located just to the south of the amazon river basin?
what are the grassy treeless plains of argentina nad uruguay called that produces grains and are good for cattle and sheep?
the amazon
what is the longest river in the western hemisphere that is located in south america called?
parana, paraguay, and uraguay
what three rivers form the second largest river system in south america and are the most important commericial highway for the area?
rio de la plata “river of silver”
what river is formed by the paraguay and uruguay rivers near the argentina city of bueno aires? what does its name mean?
lake titicaca
what lake is the worlds highest navigable lake?
lake maracaibo
what is latin america’s largest lake that covers 5217 square miles
lake nicaraguay
what is central americas largest lake that lies on the border of nicaragua and costa rico
anges falls
what is the worlds highest uninterrupted waterfalls that are located in venezuela that are 3212 feet high?
what latin american country is the worlds 5th largest oil producer?
what is found in varying quantities in columbia, mexico, brazil, chile, ecuador, and honduars?
rivers and waterfalls give several latin american countries the opportunity to use what kind of power?
what is mined in jamaica and guyana that is used for making aluminum?
peru and mexico
what two countries are known for their silver?
the atacama desert in chile contains deposits of what?
bulivia and brazil
what two countries have reserves of tin?

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