What is the source?
The point where the river begins
What is the tributary?
When a small stream flows into the main river.
The Confluence is…..?
The place where the tributary joins the main river.
What is the moth?
The point where the river ends
What are the processes of erosion?
Atrrition, Hydraulic Action,Corrasion,Corrosiom
What is attrition?
when material is moved along the river bed, it collides and is broken up
What is corrasion?
fine material rubs against the river bank and the bank is worn away by the sandpapering affect called abrasion
What is Corrosion?
Some of the rocks that form the banks are dissolved by acids in the water.
What is hydraulic action?
The sheer force of water hitting the river banks
What are the processes of transportation?
Saltation,Solution,Suspension and Traction
What is traction?
Large boulders are rolled along the river floor
What is saltation?
Small stones are bounced along the river bed in a leap frog motion.
What is suspension?
Fine material which is light enough to be carried by the river. This disscolors the water
What is Solution?
Dissolved material transported by the river.
What is the watershed?
Seperates the two river basins
What is the river beach?
Main deposition occurs (inside of the bend)
What is a River Cliff?
Main erosion happens
What is a leevie?
They are formed when rivers overflow over the bank. This build up a raised river bank called a leevie.
What are braided channles?
When load is dropped into the rivers, this causes ostructions and it divides the flow around them.
What are raised beds?
When load is dropped into low energy and volume rivers. The bed raises up and the the river capacitiy decreases.
What is a gorge?
When the waterfall is eroded backwards
What is a waterfall?
When hard rock lies on top of soft rock.
What is moraine?
A type of landform deposited by the glaicer.
What is a meander?
A river with bends

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