S.S Population test.

The study of HUMAN POPULATIONS, including how they change due to births, deaths, aging and migration.
Carrying capacity
Maximum number of people that an environment can sustain per year.
Population density
Population pyramids
Show population in groups starting with the young on the bottom and the old on top
Birth rate
Anual number of LIVE BIRTHS per 1000 people in a country
30 to 40 is high, 20 is low
Death rate
Annual number of DEATHS per 1000 in a country. over 20 is considered high
Total fertility rate
The average number of children that would be born TO EACH WOMEN DURING HER CHILD BEARING years
Replacement fertility
NUMBER OF CHILDREN EACH WOMEN must have to ensure that population stays level
world replacement fertility is 2.3
Life expectancy
The average number of years a person is EXPECTED TO LIVE. It is based on the death rates of specific age groups in a given population.
Population growth
The change in population OVERTIME!!! in 2011:
135 million people will be born
57 million people will die
78 million people will increase the worlds population.
Demographic transition model
A process with phases that countries move though as living conditions IMPROVE. A MODEL that helps understand POPULATION GROWTH rates in different countries over time
Arable land
Doubling time
Mortality rate
NUMBER OF DEATHS OF INFANTS under 1 year per 1000 people in a country
world imp: 41
USA: 6
Chad, Africa: 128
CT: 5.5
Natural increase
Developing country
developed country

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