semester exam


Why did European countries establish colonies around the world?

To establish colonies, and bring wealth to their homelands.
What body of water seperates the Iberian Peninsulafrom africa?
Straight of Gibralter

What is the worlds longest mountain range

What are the grasslands of south america called?
Pampas and Llanos

What were the 3 most important indigneous empires in latin america.

Inca, Maya, and Aztec
In which direction do lines of latitude run?
East to West. Parellel to the equator
What organization currently unites Western Europe?
The European Union
Why/How did Africans first come to Latin America?
As Enslaved workers brought by Europeans
NAFTA reduced trade restrictions among which countries?
Canada, The United States, and Mexico
When did most Latin America countries gain thier independence?
the 1800s
What was the age of explorationand artistic acheivmentin Europe called?
The Renaissance
Where do European populations tend to be clustered
in regions with fertile farmlands and inland waterways
What areas are included in latin america
Centrall america, south america, the carribean
whatb areas are enviromental concerns to europe
the danube river, mediterranean sea, and the north sea
what was the result of rapid industrialization in the 1950s and 1960s in eastern europe
serious pollution
what is the purpose of the european union
to unite europes people and strengthen its economics
what two ancient civilizations most influenced european culture
greeks and romans
 the cold war was a power struggle between what two opposing forces
communist and non-communist countries
what are parellel mountain ranges called?
what kind of climate is found in most of southern europe? 
what factor most affects the temperatures on the earth?
the angle of the earths tilt
what is the northernmost countrie in europe
in which feilds do europenas work today?manufacturing, service and tecnology industries, and agriculture
what factor determines the 3 climate zones inlatin america
what is the western hemispheres longest river
the amazon river
what factors have limited industrial growth in europe today 
eastern europe having to catch up with the west after the fall of communism
how were european rivers important to its devolopment.
allowed for easeof transportation and communication, facilities trade, facilitated migration.
why was the berlin wall built
to keep people from migrtaing from east to west
what factors united the greek islands
common language and culture
when did the industrial revoultion start in europe
how does europe compare in size to other continents
second smallest
where is the population density highest in south america
coastal areas
what was the official religion of the spanish colonists
roman catholicism
what climate zone is closest to the poles
how many islands make up greece
amost 2000
what is the result when a mountain blocks precipitation to its leeward side
the rain shadow effect cuases a dry area such as a desert
approximately how many ethnic groups live in europe today
who ran state farms in communist europe
the goverment
what part of europe has advanced communications and transportation systems
two types of dry climates are desert and tundra
false desert and steppe

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