Social Studies – Q1 Final Card

What are the 7 Continents?
  • Africa
  • South America
  • North America
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Antarctica

What are the 4 Oceans?
Indian Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Arctic Ocean

What are the Continents from greatest size to least size?
  1. Asia
  2. Africa
  3. North America
  4. South America
  5. Antarctica
  6. Europe
  7. Austalia

What are the Oceans from least size to greatest size?
  1. Arctic
  2. Indian
  3. Atlantic
  4. Pacific

What is an OCEAN?
One of the four largest Bodies of water on the Earth
What is a CONTINENT?
One of the Earth’s seven main land masses.
The Atlantic ocean is _______ of the Pacific Ocean.

*Which Direction? (N,S,E,W)

The Indian Ocean is ________ of Asia.

*Which Direction? (N,S,E,W)

On Which “POLE” is Antarctica?
Which Side of the world is the NW Quadrent on?
Which side of the world is the SE Quadrent on?
On a world map, the direction –> is going ________.

*Which Direction?

On a world map, the direction
On Assignment #16, page 9, How many kilometer is 5 centimeters?
What do Environment Maps show?
Physical Setting
Political Maps show what?
Countries, States, Cities, Capitols, etc.
What is the difference between Environment Maps and Physical Maps?
Physical Maps show Specific Physical Features and Environment Maps show an area’s physcial setting or environment. (ex. What is the Lake in Salt Lake City called? Physical)(ex. What type of environment is in middle Arizona? Environmental)
What are the 5 Themes of Geography?


Human-Environment Interaction



What are the questions you use to figure out what theme of geography is it for each of the 5 Themes?
Location: Where is it?

Place: What is it like there?

H-E-I: How do humans & the environment affect each other?

Movement: What or who is moving from one place to another?

Region: What common characteristics does a place have?

What is the difference between an ISTHMUS and a STRAIT?
Isthmus is a narrow strip of land that connects 2 largest pieces of land.

Strait is a narrow strip of water that conncects 2 larger bodies of water.

What is the difference between a LAKE and a RIVER?
Lake: Inland Body of water

River: Stream of water that runs through land.

*Be careful on the test with these!!!!

What is the catchy nickname for latitude that is extremely easy to remember?
FLAT-itude because latitude is a flat line that is N or S of the Equator.
What is the Difference between a BRANCH/TRIBUTARY and a DELTA?
Branch/Tributary: The place where a smaller river flows into a larger river

Delta: Land that is built up at a river’s mouth

What is another name for a channel?
A Strait.
Is the Equator on a line of latitude or longitude?
It is at 0 degrees Latitude
Where is the Tropic of Cancer?
23.5 degrees N of the Equator. Also it is a few miles below Florida.
The Canadian Shield Wraps around which bay in Canada?
The Hudson Bay
Where are the Central Lowlands?
Central United States.
What is the longest region in North America?
The Rocky Mountains & Coast Regions

*Note: This region is 1 big region

What Bodies of water surround North America?
Pacific Ocean

Gulf of Mexico

Atlantic Ocean

(Sort of) Arctic Ocean/Arctic Circle

The Atlantic Coastal Plain is on which side of North America?
Canada is how many Provinces and Territorys?
10 Provinces and 3 Territorys.
What are the 4 regions in the US




What are the 3 Branches of the U.S. Gov’t and what is there main job?
  • Executive: Enforce Laws
  • Legislative: Make Laws
  • Judicial: Decide if the laws agree with the U.S. Constiution
Who heads each of the 3 U.S. Gov’t Branches?
Exectutive: President

Legislative: Congress (U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate)

Judicial: Supreme Court (Justices)

What is the main Gov’t of Canada?
Constitutional Monarchy
What are the sub-Gov’t of Canada?
Legislative and Judiciary
Does Canada have a Executive Gov’t?
Yes, but it is within the Legislature
Who runs the Gov’t of each Canadian Gov’t?

*Meaning Main and sub-Gov’t

Constitutional Monarchy: King/Queen

Legislature: Parliament (Executive Within the Legislature: Prime Minister)

Judiciary: Supreme Court (Justices)

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