Social Studies vocab Chapter 3

Amerigo Vespucci
a florentine merchant
Treaty of Tordesillas
Treaty that divided newly discoveredlands outside Europe between Portugal and Spain
Spanish adventurers or conquers
Fransisco Pizarro
Spanish explorer who conquered the Aztec EMpire
a person who comes to anothercountry to show religion
Small settlements that include a church, a fort, and houses
Coulumbian Exchange
The movement of living things between the Eastern and Western hemispheres
Giovanni da Verrazano
Explorer for France who became the fisrt European to visit present-day North Carolina
Juan Ponce de Leon
Spanish explorer who claimed Florida for Spain while seearching for the fountain of youth
Lucas Vasquez de allyon
Spanish explorer wjo unsuccesfull led the only spanish attempt to colonize North Carolina
Hernando de soto
Spainish explorer who traveled through much of the present dat day southeastearn United States
Jean Ribaut
A french navigator
Pedro Menendez
An Admiral
to steal by force
Pedro de Coronas
the leader of the expedition to the cheasapeake bay
The bodys ability to resist a particular disease
Juan Pardo
A expedition captain

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