SPPS – Geography – # 109 – 144

109. What states border Florida to the north?
Georgia and Alabama
110. Name the three oceans that border Antarctica.
Atlantic, Pacific and Indian
111 . What is the name given to the group of five large lakes in the United States?
Great Lakes
112. What two oceans touch Australia?
Indian Ocean and the Pacific
113. What is the name of the only state in the United States that is made up of several islands?
114. What ocean is east of where you live?
115. The city of New York is located in what state?
New York
116. What imaginary line lies halfway between the North and South Poles?
117. What state shares its name with one of the Great Lakes?
118. You know that your mom was born in Topeka. In what state is this city located?
119. Is the Arctic Ocean closer to South America or Africa?
120. Is Washington DC in the eastern or western part of the United States?
121. What is the name of the large island nation just south of Florida?
122, Which is the largest ocean in the world? The smallest?
Pacific is the largest and the Artic is the smallest
123. What direction is Lake Ontario from Lake Michigan?
124. Which continent has more land, Europe or South America?
South America
125. What river forms part of the boundary between Texas and Mexico?
Rio Grand
126. The Arctic Ocean touches what three continents?
North America, Europe and Asia
127. What is the state capital of Maine?
128. Does one inch equal the same amount of real miles on all maps? Why or why not?
No, all maps are different
129. Which state has the longest border on the Gulf of Mexico?
130. What is the capital of Florida?
131. What is the capital of Idaho?
132. What body of water serves as Iowa’s eastern border?
Mississippi River
133. Which ocean does South Carolina border?
134. What is the name of the state that borders only one other state?
135. Which state doesn’t border Canada: North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Idaho?
136. What state is south of Georgia?
137. What oceans does the equator pass through?
Atlantic and Pacific
138. What river forms the border between Arizona and California?
Colorado River
139. Name the state capitals of Nebraska and Wisconsin.
Lincoln is Nebraska’e and Madison is Wisconsin’s
140. What is the name of the ocean located between Africa and Australia?
Indian Ocean
141. Which is usually warmer year round, Texas or Ohio? Why?
Texas it’s closer to the equator
142. Find one state capital city that has part of its state’s name in its name.
Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)
143. What is the capital of Hawaii, the state known as the “Aloha” state?
144. What ocean is west of Africa?

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