TCEM 372 Chapter 21

What is the largest country in South East Asia
What effects the climate of the Indian Subcontinent
The summer monsoons which equal precipitation and the winter monsoons which equal cool dry air
What are the mountain ranges in South East Asia
The Himalayas and Pamirs
What religions are predominant in India?
Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Shikhism
What is the largest city in the world?
Mumbai, India
What is the average length of stay in India
28 days
What areas of tourism are most prominent in India
cultural, ecotourism, and agritourism
What is India known as and why?
It is known as the country of the brown cloud because of the pollution
What is the capital of India?
New Delhi
What is Old Delhi known for?
Located in India, it is known for the bazaars and as the former capital of the Mogul empire, a great place to experience traditional Indian culture.
Where is the Red Fort?
This tourist attraction is located in Old Delhi, India
Where is Gandhi’s Memorial
New Delhi, India
Where is the Taj Mahal?
Agra, India It was built as a mausoleum
What is Rajasthan, India?
A state in Northern India known for ethnic crafts and the palaces of the former maharajas.
What is Kashmir known for?
Shalimar Gardens and adventure tourism
How are they trying to protect the Taj Mahal
Because of negative affects of pollution they have limited traffic to and from the site
What city in Eastern India is primarily known for agritourism at the tea plantations?
Kolkata (Calcutta),
Other than tea plantations what is a main attraction in Kolkata?
Queen Victoria’s Memorial
What is Southern India known for?
Agritourism in tea and spices
What major city is located in Western India?
Mumbai (Bumbay)
What is Bollywood and where is it located?
Located in Mumbai, India, Bollywood is a key area for the Indian film industry characterized by bright colors.
Where is Chowpatty Beach and why is it significant?
Located in Mumbai, India this beach is large and known as a place for festivals complete with snake charmers and carnival rides in the evenings.
What is Malabar Hill?
The tallest peak in Mumbai, India known for the view of the water & Kamala Nehru Park.
What is Goa?
A key beach area in Western India where sun sand and sea tourism is popular.
What animal is significant to the ecotourism of West Bengal State, India?
Bengal Tigers– the problem is that they are hard to find and hard to see.
Where is Sri Lanka?
Small Island off of the Southeast tip of India
What was Sri Lanka formerly known as?
What is the capital of Sri Lanka?
What is the cultural triangle in Sri Lanka?
Kandy, Anuradhapura and Polonnarauwa are known for veiwing Temples.
Where is the Temple of the Tooth?
Kandy, Sri Lanka
What type of ecotourism is in Sri Lanka?
The elephant orphanage at Pinnalwela, set up to protect elephants of all ages
What country is to the East of Northern India?
What is the capital of Bangladesh
What is the Sundarbans and where are they located?
Located in Bangladesh it is the world’s largest mangrove
What is a mangrove
An area with a unique ecosystem & species due to the delicate balance of salt water and fresh water.
Where is Nepal?
In the Himalayan mountains
What is Nepal known as?
The rooftop of the world because of 8 of the world’s highest peaks.
What is the world’s highest peak and where is it located?
Mt. Everest, in Nepal
What is the capital of Nepal?
What city is the departure point for treks up mount Everest.
Kathmandu, Nepal
Where is the birthplace of Buddha?
Lumbini, Nepal
What are the collection of 26 coral atolls off of the Southwest tip of India called?
The Maldives
What is an atoll?
A cluster of islands
What is the capital of the Maldives?
What is significant about tourism resorts built in the Maldives?
Only One is built per an uninhabited island and the resort must be 100% self sustaining on the island
What is the capital of Bhutan?
Why does the country of Bhutan limit visitors?
To keep their cultural integrity
What are the interest of the limited visitors to Bhutan?
Dzongs– fortified monastaries

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