Test 3 – Eastern Europe (Slavic)

90% steppe region; Danube river; capital is Kiev; 1st major city of all Slavs but destroyed by Mongols; politically between Russia and US; Chernobyl nuclear accident
capital is Minsk; very similar to Russia; communist dictator, strict, rigid; weak economy
The Pale
where Jews were forced to live 2000 years before Holocaust
used to be most powerful country in the world; large population; Vistula River; capital Warsaw; extreme catholic; use latin alphabet
Warsaw, Poland
capital; uprising against Germany; destroyed by Germany; had to rebuild new city
Krakow, Poland
royal capital; major university center; one of the largest cities within the pale; Auschwitz; jewish
Czech Republic
most advanced; industrialization; wealthy; split with Slovakia bc they didn’t want to have to share their taxes; capital is Prague; catholic
similar language with Czech Republic; rural; agriculture; minerals; little education; catholic; small; capital is Bratislava
similar to Russia with language and religion; different racial group with strong Turkish culture; capital is Sofia

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