urban geo final

process of upper income residents moving into a lower class area and renewing that area
what created the term gentrification and where?
in London in the 1960’s by a sociologist
what does gentry mean
for wealthy people
when did gentrification become popular in north america?
gentrification only involves about ______ percent or less of households in the us
what do people who are pro-wealth say about gentrification?
it brings in wealth
what do negative gentrification people say?
where do the poor people go
2 extremes in urban decline are
abadonment and gentrification
abandonment –
usually only commercial properties
abandonment is __________.
gentrification needs 3 things:
1) gentrifiers
2) pool of properties (historic homes, relatively close to CBD)
3) demand
who are the first to always gentrify?
usually hipsters followed by usually white middle to upper class, 30’s or 40’s, rarely have kids, after this business will move in
what was alexandria virginia orginally?
residential and commercial area
what does most of alexandria’s architecture go back to?
late 1700’s, homes are smaller.
when did the city of alexandria decline?
in the 1800’s
when did the city of alexandria decide to reimprove?
in 1930
what did alexandria focus on?
maintaiing a walkalbe city, mature treees, brick sidewalks, buried utility lines, limited advertising
today what is the avg cost of a house in alexandria?
avg income in alexandria is
what is the avg age in alexandria
what is the rate of education in alexandria what percent has a college degree
what percent of people have kids?
only 7&

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