Growth of cities.
Innovations/technology can cause industries to grow. When industry grows, people move to be close to jobs. More people make bigger cities.
What PHYSICAL factor can be an economic asset for an urban area?
Being near water that boats can travel on. (Rivers, lakes, oceans)

The act of moving to a new country to which to which one is not native, usually for permanent residence.


Movement from one place to another.

Why does MIGRATION often occure within countries?
People usually move from one place to another due to job availabliity. Jobs and job opportunities are PULL FACTORS.
HEI is when people adapt to or modify their physical  surroundings to suit their needs.
Give some real world examples of HEI

1. Galveston Seawall: Built to control flooding.


2. Dams buit on rivers: Built to control floodind OR used for hydroelectric power.


3. Construction of highways, houses and housing developments.


4. Air conditioning used to adapt to hot, humid temperatures.

Goods or Cargo transported in large amounts.
How is BULK transported globally?
Cargo ships and Cargo planes.
How does BULK get divided into smaller units for distribution to stores/factories?
Ships sail into ship channels from all over the world carrying large amounts of BULK. When the ships are unloaded, the cargo is divided into smaller units and then loaded onto trucks, planes and trains to be distributed to warehouses and stores.

The place when cargo is divided up and sent off to warehouses and stores

What is the purpose of a POPULATION PYRAMID?

It is a GRAPHIC used to show the population of a country broken down into age and gender.

What does it mean if the POPULATION PYRAMID GRAPHIC ends up in a triangular shape?
It means that infant/child population is greater than that of the adult population. This is an indication of a DEVELOPING world, where birthrates are out of control and health care is limited. A country like this would have a great need for better health care and education.
Whats are the 4 LEVELS OF INDUSTRY?
Primary, secondary, tertiary, quarternary.
What are examples of PRIMARY ACTIVITIES?
Mining, fishing, drilling for oil, logging – anything where one is dealing directly with the earths resources.
What are examples of TERTIARY ACTIVITIES?
Tertiary activities are service activities. Anything that provides a service to consumers such as restaurants, stores in the mall, grocery stores, gas stations.
Where would the biggest variety of TERTIARY ACTIVITIES be found?
Urban areas.
How did the U.S. and Canada become strong powers?
LOTS  of resources such as good soil for farming, waterways thats boats can use to transpot people and goods, access to 2 oceans/ports for trade.
In geography, what does DIFFUSION mean?
The spreading of ideas, customs, culture traits and government policies.
How does DIFFUSION occur?
Movement of people; use of technology such as the internet, cell phones and satellite television.
TRUE or FALSE:  Diffusion  of ideas, goods, etc just began in the mid- 1900’s
FALSE!!!! Diffusion has occured since the planet has been popluated. Diffusion in the moden world happens faster due to kinds of technology we have.

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