Rural Decline
Worsening economic conditions in the countryside, including rising unemployment and growing poverty. Rural decline drives migration to cities.
Spatial Inequality
The unequal distribution of wealth or resources in a geaographic area, so that some places are richer than others.
Standard of Living
The overall level of comfort and well being of a group or a country. People in developed countries have a higher standard of living than people in developing countries.
The movement of people from rural to urban areas, resulting in the growth of urban areas.
The movement of people from rural to urban areas, resulting in the growth of urban areas.
A change in the way of life to suit new conditions.
Indigenous Peoples
Natives of an area who have been conquered or dominated by others who came later. Native American tribes, such as the Cherokee or Navajo, are indigenous peoples.
Subsistence Farming
Farming carried out mainly to provide food for farm families, with little surplus for sale to others.
Traditional Culture
Customs and ways of life handed down from ancestors.
El Nino
A warm ocean current that flows off the west coast of South America every few years. An El Nino event changes weather patterns around the world. it may also cause extreme weather in some regions.
Extreme Weather
Severe or unusual weather conditions, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards.
The scientific study of climate and weather patterns.
Natural Disaster
Great distruction or loss of life caused by natural forces rather than by human actions.
Tropical Cyclone
A severe storm with high winds that spiral around a calm center. Depending on where they form, tropical cyclones are called hurricanes, typhoons, or cyclones.
The variety of plants and animals living in one area. The term can also mean the great variety of all living things on Earth.
Carbon Dioxide Cycle
The process by which carbon and oxygen cycle among plants, people and animals, and the environment.
Removing or clearing away the trees from a forest. Deforestation is often used to clear land for farming or ranchng.
Sustainable Developmemnt
Using resources in ways which that meet the needs of peole today without hurting the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This means finding ways to use resources without using them up.
Tropical Rainforest
A broadleaf evergreen forest found around in wet or hot regions near the equator.
Altitudianl Zonation
The division of land into zones based on elevation, which in turn helps determine climate and vegetation.
Snow Line
The lowest elevation on mountains where snow remains year round.
The creation of flat areas on moutain slopes for the purpose of farming.
Tree Line
The highest elevation where trees grow on a mountain.
Vertical Trade
The trading of crops between lowland and highland areas.

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