West and Central Africa

What are the 2 most important rivers in West and Central Africa?
1. Niger River
2. Congo River
How might the rivers Niger and Congo affect people who live along them?
The heavy rain may cause flooding at times. The rivers also provide fresh drinking water, food and transportation.
Why might abundant natural resources cause conflict?
They cause conflict because people fight over who should benefit from the natural resources available.
What are the environmental challenges in West and Central Africa?
*Tsetse flies cause sleeping sickness.
*Mosquitoes spread Malaria.
Describe the salt trade of West Africa
The salt trade is when Africans traded gold for the Arab’s salt.
Name a trading center in West and Central Africa.
Timbuktu and Djenne
Name 3 kingdoms in Central and West Africa
Mali, Songhai, Ghana
Who was Mansa Musa?
Mali’s greatest emperor. He had lots of gold and would parade around showing off gold.
Describe the Atlantic Slave Trade
The Atlantic Slave Trade was when the Europeans began to colonize the Americas. They brought enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to work on colonial plantations.
What is the Triangular Trade System?
Trade system between Europe, Africa, and the Americas.
What were the causes of the European Colonization in Africa?
1. To win prestige
2. To get natural resources needed to produce industrial goods in Europe.
3. As markets for goods made in factories
4. Fertile land
What were the effects of European Colonization in Africa?
1. Slavery
2. Poor economic growth
3. Harsh living conditions
4. Loss of natural resources
True or False.
People in West and Central Africa enjoy traditional dance and modern dance.
True or False. Soccer and Swimming are the most popular sports in West and Central Africa.
False. Soccer and wrestling
How were stories told in West and Central Africa?
Stories were told through oral tradition and literature.
How is music used in West and Central Africa?
It is used to track heritage.
What is an oasis?
A place in a desert where water can be found.
Why would people live near an oasis?
Oasis would be a source of freshwater for people to use.
What are 2 environmental issues in North Africa?
Desertification; pollution
Why is Ancient Egypt called “gift of the Nile”?
It’s where the Nile River made Egypt into a civilization.
What is a Pharaoh?
A king of ancient Egypt.
What are Hieroglyphics?
A system of writing using pictures and other symbols.
What is a Mummy?
A body that has been preserved so it will not decompose.
What are components or parts of Ancient Egyptian religion?
Gods, mythology, and after-life.
How did Arabs change North Africa?
Art and literature flourished under Arab rule. Also, Cairo became one of the largest cities in the world.
Describe North African Culture.
What language the most North Africans speak?
What is Ancient Egypt’s nickname?
The Gift of the Nile
What religion unifies most of North Africans?
Who were the Boers?
What brought more Europeans to South Africa?
Gold and diamonds
What were the results of the trans-Atlantic slave trade on Southern and Eastern Africa?
Loss of population and constant warfare
Why did many Southern and Eastern Africans hate Colonial Rule?
Because it weakened their societies- Colonial rulers took African lands. Forced the Africans to work without pay.
What is apartheid?
Official government policy to keep white and black south africans apart.
What is ethnocentrism?
A group who believes that they are superior.
What was the main goal of Apartheid?
To keep economic and political power in white control.
What was life like for white South Africans under apartheid?
Secure, had power. Lived in more places.
What was life like for black South Africans under apartheid?
Blacks could only live in certain places; low paying jobs; hard to travel; denied rights to citizenship and to vote.
Who was Nelson Mandela?
Political activist that wanted to end apartheid. Became president of South Africa after being released from jail.
Who was de Klerk?
President of South Africa during the apartheid period. He realized that apartheid was destroying South Africa.
What is Swahili?
Bantu language that has Arabic elements and words from other languages
How are the lives of blacks in South Africa now that apartheid is over?
Blacks can freely join organizations. They are still poorer that white South Africans.
Lemurs are primates whose natural habitat includes what large island in the Indian Ocean?
How many languages are spoken in Africa?
Over 2,000
What is the largest waterfall in Africa?
Tugela Falls
What is the most populated country in Africa?
Nigeria (173.1 million people)
What is the longest river in Africa?
The Nile River
What is the largest desert in Africa?
Sahara Desert
What is the tallest mountain in Africa?
Mt. Kilamanjaro (19,341 feet tall)
What is the capitol of Egypt?
What is the capitol of Ethiopia?
Addis Ababa
What is the capitol of Kenya?
What is the capitol of Madagascar?
What is the capitol of Morocco?
What is the capitol of South Africa?
Cape Town
What is the capitol of Zimbabwe?

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