World Cultures Final

Maps versus globes:
globes are more accurate have better land masses and distance
Example of physical region:
the world’s continents
4 types of economies
traditional, market, command, and mixed economy
4 hemispheres
northern, southern, eastern, western
Stone Age nomads:
better tools and knowledge. Hunted big animals. Traveled
Africa’s tropical climates:
Tropical wet, tropical wet and dry, desert, and Mediterranean climate
Egyptian society:
wealthy and well-organized
Africa’s resources:
minerals- copper diamond cobalt, oil,
Kingdom of Axum:
on high plateaus, Christian beliefs
Slave trade:
traded across Atlantic, encouraged wars, increased tensions, disrupted societies
Effects of European imperialism in Africa:
took over lands, competed for control. Spread benefits of western civilization.
Africa’s valuable resources:
diamonds gold and oil.
Farming in Africa:
subsistence farmers, cash crops for export
rigid separation of races by law in South Africa.
African art and music:
juju music turned in rock. African rock art
Problems facing African nations:
regional and global issues. Debt, aids, cold war, disease
Reason why African nations are organized into regional groups:
encouraged economic development, and to strengthen position in the world.
Election of nelson Mandela:
first black pres. Of South Africa
Benefits of oral literature
griot told praises, events from history, riddles, morals and lessons.
Traditional Chinese culture (treatment of women, respect for elders):
young people had to respect elders. Women were inferior to men.
British rule of Hong Kong:
gave Britain Hong Kong and opened other ports of trade
Sun yatsen (reason he was unable to achieve his goals):
forced out of power
Beijing Massacre:
protestors refused to go home, army opened fire.
Program of Deng Xiaoping:
Turn away from Mao’s ideas, ease gov. strict economic goal. Welcome foreign investment
Ideas of Mao Zedong
better educated Chinese, pressed for democratic reforms.
Japanese treatment of Koreans:
forced them to build factories, roads, and railroads. And took their rice crop. Made Korean workers more productive
Division of Korea
there are communists and non communists
Japanese society
homogeneous society
Relationship between ancient Japan and china:
Chinese culture and making it into their own
Age of imperialism
from 1870 to 1914
Great Depression:
Germany was hit hard, disastrous unemployment, caused
Changing family life in Japan
nuclear family replaced extended. Hardly any arranged marriages
World’s first novel:
tale of genji
Japan’s economic miracle:
borrowed tech. out produced aging factories
Latin American geography:
between Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.
Native American culture after the Spanish conquest
forced to do labor, poor food
Treaty of Tordesillas
Spain and Portugal can claim non – Christian lands on either side of the imaginary line
Colonial Latin America
Mexico and South America, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, British.
Mexico’s first attempt at independence:
wrote a liberal constitution
Problems facing modern Mexico and Brazil
population expansion, debt crisis, and recovery
2 Latin American countries that had successful revolutions against the ruling elite:
Mexico, Brazil
America’s foreign policy towards Latin America
Good Neighbor Policy
Cold War and Latin America
Latin Americans were sympathetic to communism
U.S. development in Puerto Rico
gained after Spanish-American war
literature/art of Latin America:
spoke of social & political issues. Mural paintings
Platt Amendment
U.S. claimed the right to intervene in Cuban affairs.
Fertile Crescent
arc shaped region. Stretches from eastern Mediterranean to Persian Gulf
Shared beliefs of Jews and Christians:
worship 1 god, read and study the Torah, believe that people and their leaders should live moral lives
Geography of the Middle East:
Northern Tier, Arabian Peninsula, Fertile Crescent, Nile Valley, the Maghreb
Ancient kingdom of Israel:
Located in Fertile Crescent formed in 1025 B.C. unified by King David and Judaism birthplace
sacred book of Jews:
The Torah and contains laws and rules the Jewish people follow
attraction of Christianity
Christianity offered hope of salvation and eternal life
Muhammad’s teachings :
In the Koran and contain the exact words of god as revealed to Muhammad
Suez Canal
100 mile canal in Egypt linking Egypt and Palestine
Balfour Declaration:
allowing of Jews from Eastern Europe to migrate and live in the Palestine.
Young Turks
revolutionary group
Iranian revolution
overthrowing of the Shaw and replacing it with theocracy
Civil war in Lebanon
Lebanese constitution gave more political power to Christians than Muslims.
Palestine after WWII
Israel was founded
1967 Arab-Israeli War:
resulted in global oil crisis as prices rose
Omar Khayyarn:
Astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, physician. Poet well known
cause of the Persian Gulf War :
Iraqi armies occupying Kuwait and threatening Saudi Arabia
OPEC (1973):
Organization of Petroleum exporting countries.
Reason Christian Crusaders invaded the Middle East
to capture the Holy Land
65. new language created when Arabic words blended into the Bantu languages :
role of women in modem Middle Eastern society :
responsible in house work and child care
similarity between the Maya, Aztecs and Incas :
in Latin America, all conquered by conquistadors

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