World Cultures & Geography

gifts of nature; ex. water, soil, etc.
Limited Government
all people have to obey the laws, even rulers. ex. U.S.A, Mexico, India.
unlimited government
rulers don’t have to obey laws
an example of unlimited government
the study of the past through written records
the study of people, places, and the environment
the process of becoming a citizen
the ability to read and write
life expectancy
average number of years people live in a certain country
The countries of Asia, especially of eastern Asia.
cultural region
an area of the world in which many people share beliefs, languages and history
the economic, political and social dependence of cultural regions on one another
(Ex. When oil-producing nations in the Middle East raise raise the price of oil)
a land mass above water, on earth
absolute location
the exact spot on earth where a place is found using latitude & longitude
a measure of distance north or south of the equator
to move from one area to settle in another
a measure of distance east or west of the prime meridian
relative location
the location of one place in relation to other places
human-environment interaction
Which of the five themes of geography considers how people change and are changed by the Earth’s natural features?
What is the name for the study of how people manage resources by producing, exchanging, and using goods and services?
a cultural trait
Regional food is an example of what?
a cultural region
What do you call a place where many people share similar beliefs, history, and languages?
Southwest Asia and North Africa
In what culture region is Islam the major religion and desert is a common feature of the climate and landscape?
absolute location
What term refers to the exact spot on Earth where a place can be found?
Push and pull factors can cause
Which of the following is an example of human-environment interaction?
construct maps
A cartographer’s job is to
thematic map
A population map is an example of what kind of map?
location, region, place, movement, human-environment interaction
What are the five themes of geography?
factors of production
the four factors of production are natural reasources, labor reasources, capital reasources, and entrepreneurs.
(Gross Natural Product) tells the total value of the goods and services that a country produces each year.
free enterprise/market economy
A market is a setting for exchanging goods and services. In a free enterprise economy, business owners compete in the market with little government interference.
the people who use goods and services.
is the money that remains after all the costs of producing a product have been paid.
is the rivalry among businessis to sell goods to consumers and make the greatest profit.
Canada is best known for this sport.
Champlain was the first to settle in what provience in Canada?
Sir John A. MacDonald
Canada’s first prime minister was who?
A country who’s people speak two different languages.
English and French.
What two major languages do Canadians speak?
The Maple Leaf Flag
In 1965 what were one of the successful efforts that helped unite all Canadians.
refers to an area of economic activity.
transportation corridor
are paths that make up transportation.
transportation barrier
geographic features that prevent of slow down transportation.
are goods traded to other countries.
are goods brought into the country.
national identity
sence to belonging to a nation.
are French speaking people.
an acceptance of many cultures instead of just one.
a person who flees a country because of war, disaster,or percicution.
Canada’s national lawmaking body.
prime minister
head of the exegutive branch of Canada.
it gives water for use by citizens
can cause global warming and animals can lose their homes, drinking water, and food supply.
Tropical Zone
A warm reagion between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn near the equator.
They can help ancient minds think alike and let us learn about the past.
Let plants and crops grow without worry of drying out.
EL Nino
causes flooding along with giving people a drought.
Mucho Picehu
lets us know how advanced the ancent Incas were at building.
Hernan Cortez
Captured and killed Montazuma II the Aztec ruler.
Montazuma II
A warlord who who was feared by all of his Aztec people.
Columbian exchange
It gave the two continents of South America and Europe the food and other goods that they needed to survive
Gadsden Purchase
it gave the U.S.A more of Mexico’s northern land.
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
the treaty that the U.S and Mexico signed. It stated that the U.S.A would never have another war against Mexico again.
Father Migual Hidalgo
he gave the cry of the Dolores or (Grito de Dolores).
it refers to villagers having to pay , do free labor, or tributein goods to a spaniard citizen.
it refers to to a person or people who are of Native American heritage.
it refers to people being born in Mexico having parent(s)who were born in Spain.
it refers to Spanish offecers who where born in Spain.
a holiday with parades, games, and feasts.
Day of the Dead
a popular Mexican celebration when all honor the men and women who had past away.
areas in a suberb or city
are areas in the country side.
Octovio Paz
was a Mexican writer who won the Nobel Prize in literature.
Deigo Rivera
one of Mexico’s most celebrated 20th century artests.
Frida Kahlo
was the wife of Deigo Rivera and another famous Mexican painter.
is a nation in which the power belongs to the citizens.
expectations from the 11th to the 13th centuries by western European christians to capture the Holy lands from the Muslums.
cultural erawhich lasted from the 14th to the 16th centuries.
once a whealth city-state is still an important econamic and cultural center to Italy
to change church practices.
Leanardo da Vinci
one of the most talanted and skilled artiest of the Renaissance.
William Shakespear
he was another talanted artiest of the Renaissance.

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