World Geo Final Sub-Saharan Africa

Kalahari Desert
A large desert in southern Africa, occupying much of the present-day Botswana, and home to the Khoisan (Bushmen).
Congo River
This river in central Africa represents the 2nd largest watershed in the world but falls near its mouth inhibit transportation.
A semi-arid zone located just south of the Sahara Desert, it’s increasingly threatened by the desert’s southward expansion.
Great Rift Valleys
A series of depressions in eastern Africa, some of which have filled up with water, resulting from a fissure in the African plate. 
Zambezi River
The largest river in southern Africa, it is home to Victoria falls and is a major producer of hydroelectric power.
Lake Tanganyika
The second deepest and second oldest lake in the world has steep slopes on either side of that preclude much agricultural development.
Niger River
West Africa’s largest river, it flows through channels known as the Inland Delta, providing natural irrigation for a large section of Mali
Lake Victoria
Though relatively shallow, this lake is the largest in Africa and it is one of the chief headwaters of the Nile.
Drakensberg Mountains
A coastal mountain range in the far south of Africa that form part of the edge of the central plateau of Africa.
Adamawa Highlands
A highland region in present day Cameroon and eastern Nigeria that is sparsely populated and used mostly for grazing.

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