world geography

  • Capitol, Major cities: Kabul, Helfat, Mazar-i-Shariff
  • Highest and lowest points: Nowshak, AmuDarya River
  • Mountains,Rivers, Passes: Hindu Kush, Amu Darya, Helmand, Khyber Pass.
  • Currency, Religion, Languagaes: Afghani, Islam, Pashtu, Dari, Turkmen, Uzbek.
  • Geo Facts: Landlocked. Hindu Kush mountains divide northern provinces from the rest of the country. Highest peaks are in northers Vakhan(Whakhan Corridor)



  •  Capital, Major Cities:Algeirs, Oran, Constantine,  Annaba.
  • Highest, Lowest Points: Mt. Tahat, Chott Melrhir Depression.
  • Desserts, Plateus,: Grand Erg Occidental, Grand Erg Oriental, Sahara, Tenere, Hauts.
  • Mountains: Ahaggar(S) Atlas(N) 
  • Currency, Religion, Languages: Dinar, Islam, Arabic, French.
  • Natural Hazards, Major Exports: Mudslides, Earthquake,Flood,Drought, natural gas, petroleum.
  • Geo Facts: second largest country in Africa.




Capitol,Major cities:Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario, Mendoza

Highest, Lowest Point: Cerro Acongua, Laguna Del Carbon.

Mt ranges: Andes, Sierra De Cordoba

Praries, Depressions: Gran Chao, Pampas, Valdes Pennin.

Islands, Straits: Islas Malvinas, Tierra Del Fuego, Magellan

Rivers, Deltals, Waterfalls: Paraguay, Parana, Uruguay, Rio De Plata Estuary, Iguazu Falls

Currency, Language, Religon: Peso, Spanish, English, European Dialacts, Chrishtianity

Major Exports, Natural Hazards: Oil, Cereal, fuel, motor vehicles, floods, earthquakes, windstorms.


 Capital, Major Cities: Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne.

Highest Lowest Point: Mt. Kosciuszko, Lake Eyre

Mt Ranges: Great Dividing Range(lines east coastfrom cape york penn. to Victoria)

Plains and Deserts: Nullarbor Plain, Simpson Desert.
Provinces: Northern Territory, Western Austrailia, South Austrailia, Queensland, New south Wales, Victoria, (tasmania)


Lakes, Rivers: Gardiner, Eyre, Torrens, Murrumbidgee, Murray, Daring.

Currency, Religion, Language: Aus. Dollar, Roman Cathollic, Protestant, English, Native Languages.

Industry: Mining, food processing, wheat, sugarcane.













  • Capital, Major Cities: Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna.
  • Highest, Lowest point:Keokradong, Indian Ocean.
  • Mt Ranges, Plains: Bangladeshi, Bangladesh Plain.
  • Rivers: Ganges, Bhramhaputra, Jamuna
  • Deltas, Bays: Mouth of the Ganges, Bay of Bengal.
  • Currency, Language, Religion: Taka, Bangla, English, Islam, Hinduism.
  • Industries: jute, clothing, leather, rice, natural gas.
  • Natural Hazards: Floods, Droughts, cyclones.

  • Capital, Major Cities: Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent.
  • Highest/Lowest Point: Signal de Botraange/North Sea.
  • Rivers, Seas: Schelde, Meuse, North Sea.
  • Reigons: Ardennes: plateu, rolling hills, forests, extends into France and Luxenborg.
  • Currency, Religion, Language: Euro, Christianity, Dutch, French, German.
  • Industries: diamonds, metals, chocolate, sugar beets, beef, silca sand, vegetables, fruits, grain.
  • Natural Hazards: Floods
  • Geo Facts: Crossroads of western europe run through European capitals which is the seat of NATO and European Union.

  • Capital: Bridgetown.
  • Highest, Lowest Points: Mt. Hillaby, Sea level
  • Oceans: Located in Atlantic Ocean
  • Currency, Language, Religion: Barbadian Dollar, English, Christianity.
  • Geo Facts: Easternmost Carribian Island

  • Capital, Major Cities: Brasilia, Rio De Jenerio, Salvador, Sao paulo, Fortaleza.
  • Highest, lowest point: Pico da Neblina.
  • Mt Ranges: Brazillian Highlands, Guiana highlands.
  • Rain Forests: Amazon, Bolivia.
  • Swamps, lagoons: Pantanal swamp, Lagoa dos Patos.
  • Rivers:Amazon, Iguacu, Japura, Araguia, Negro.
  • Deltas, Waterfalls, Dams: Amazon River, Iguazu, Itaipu.
  • Currency, ReligionLanguage: Real, Christianity, Portugeese, Spanish, English
  • Industries: coffee, transportation, soybeans, footwear, wheat, rice.

Burkina Faso
  • Capitol: Ouagadougou
  • Highest, Lowest Points: Tena Kourou, Black Volta River
  • Rivers: White Volta River, Black Volta River
  • Grasslands/Praries: Sahel(covers most of country)
  • Currency: Communate Fianciere Africaine Franc
  • Languages: French, Native languages
  •  Religions: Islam, indeginous beliefs, Catholic
  • Industries: gold, marble, cotton, peanuts shea nutts, sesame.

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