world geography

the condition of the atmospher at a particular location and time
weather condtions over a long period of time
Causes of weather
water vapor, cloud cover, landforms and bodies of water, elevation, and air movement
Tropical wet
has little variation in temperature over the year- it’s always hot with and average temperature of 80 degrees
Tropical wet and dry
called “wet and dry” because the subregion has a rainy season in summer and dry season in winter.
doesnt receive very much precipitation about 16 inches per year. Summers are hot, winters are mild to cold and some semiarid locations can produce snow
climate has a dense population and rich agriculture activity
Marine West Coast
located close to the ocean and is frequently cloudy, foggy, and damp.
humid subtropical
long periods of summer heat. found on east coast on continents and are often subject to hurricanes in late summer and autumn. winters are mild cold and climate is suitable for raising crops.
Humid Continental
experience four seasons
ever green forest called taiga cover the lands in the region. summers are short and cool and winters are always very cold
flat treeless lands forming a ring around the Arctic Ocean. Located in the northern hempisphere. very little precipitaion falls here, usually less than 15 inches a year. the land has permafrost. the summer temperatures reach about 40 degrees farenheight.
Ice cap
snow, ice, and freezing temperatures make up this region which is so cold that it rarely snows. sub regions are sometimes called polar deserts since they receive less than ten inches of precipitation a year.
varies with latitude, elevation, other topography and continental location.
ethnic group
group that shares a language, customs, and a common heritage.
group that shares a geographic region
belief in one god
belief in many gods
traditional, often with a belief in divine forces in nature

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