World Geography

what are the types of thematic maps?
population density, population distribution, economy, ethnicity, resources
what were the Occupied Territories
West Bank and Golan Heights
what three times did the map of Europe?
in 1914, after World War 1, and after World War 2, and after 1990 when communism fell
what are the elements of climate?
lattitude, wind, elevation, water
low latitudes:
tropical wet, tropical wet and dry, arid, semiarid, highland
middle latitudes:
semiarid, arid, Mediterranean humid continental, marine west coast, highland
high latitudes:
subarctic, tundra icecap
occur in Asia
occur in Asian Pacific Ocean
Altantic Ocean
Yugoslavia is divided due to:
Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Albanians
Burundi and Rwanda in Africa are fighting a war between:
Hutus and Tutsis
what two countries are not ethnically diverse
Koreo and Japan
where are there conflicts between Hindus and Muslims
Pakistan and India
where are the Maya and Aztecs?
where are the Incas?
Peru and Chili
what are the highest GDP of Europe?
Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Sweden
what are the largest countries of Europe?
Ukraine, France, and Spain
largest countries in population of Europe:
Germany, UK, Italy, France
highest GDP of Middle East
Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, and Isreal
largest countries in land area of the Middle East
Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Libya
largest countries in Population in the Middle East:
Iran, Turkey, and Egypt
rich soil along river banks
alluvial soils
triangular shaped areas at the mouth of rivers
highest GDP of Sub-Saharan Africa
South Africa, Gabon, Bostwana
greatest land size of Sub-Saharan Africa
Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan, Chad, Mozambique, and Madagascar
most populated countries of Sub-Saharan Africa
Nigeria, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Kenya
highest GDP in Russia and Central Asia
Kazakhastan and Russia
largest land size in Russia and Central Asia
Russia and Kazakhastan
largest population in Russia and Central Asia
Russia, Kazakhastan, and Uzbekistan
list 5 push factors:
overpopulation, religious persecuttion, lack of job opportunities, natural hazards, and limits on personal freedom
list 5 pull factors:
religious freedom, political freedom, land availability, economic opportunity, ethnic and family ties

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