World Geography DC

extreme shortage of food
Natural Boundry
physical feature such as a mountain range or river
Balance of Power
people of a group that have the same levels of strength
European Union
economic association made of several eauropean countries
able to be sailed by large ships, such as a wide deep river
Economic Association
an organization formed to break down barriers amoung member nations
very small country
process of reuniting, or rejoining into one unit
a ship that can break up the ice of frozen waterways
the policy of gaining control over territory outside a nation
worlds largest landmass
having the ability to speak 3 or more languages
What is the dominate religion in Southern Europe?
Europe’s eroded landform region consisting of rugged hill and low mountains is the?
Northwest Highlands
the climate found in North ; West centeral europe is?
marine-west-coast climate
what are the challenges faced by europe’s society today?
unemployment, crime, traffic, limited recource pollution
Eastern Europe trails western Europe in agricultural production, why?
farming technology is not as modern
what is the major factor that creates mild climate conditions throughout much of Europe?
moderating influence or North Atlantic ocean
what do the black forest the Ardennes & the Massif Central have in common?
All in the upland central landform
The 1st European Nations to establish large colonies in the 16th & 17th centry were…
Spain & Portugal

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