World Geography Quiz set 1

according to the lecture what were the three cultural characteristics that set western culture apart from the rest of the world
What are the three most significant characteristics of culture
Language, religion, Political Organization pr governments
what are the two most important elements of climate
temperature, precipitation
On what land for do most people live on
The land form that most people live is most often prrtrayed as what color on maps
who were the first People to study Geography
What was Magellan’s contribution to Geography
he died, but his men sailed around the world
after the fall of Rome what civilization continued the study of geography
Identify the three revolutions that have had a profound impact on human growth
Agricultural revolution
Industrial revolution
sanitation revolution
according to the lecture what was the most profound impact on population growth
according to Aristotle what was the center of the physical universe
what most determined where people lived in the paleolithic age
resources such as food
what event/events had the most profound impact on stimulating an renewed interest in geography in Europe after the fall of Rome
Trade with other countries
what group represented the largest migration to Canada before the 1900s
The loyalist
what were the two distinctive reasons for immigration in America
Volume, energy
what determines where industry locates
Cheap power

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