World Geography Spring Final Review 2015

What type of government did Russia have during the Cold War?
What type of personal freedoms are limited by a communist gov’t?
Freedom of Speech, Internet, etc.
Which type of gov’t did Stalin use to control his people?
What was the direct result of Cold War?
Tension grew between U.S. and Soviet Union.
Which lake is the oldest and deepest in the world, holding 20% of the world’s fresh water?
Lake Baikal
Which Mt. Range is the dividing between Europe and Asia?
Ural Mountains
Why would Russian Leaders feel the need to conquer lands to various bodies of water?
Warm water ports
Which group killed Czar Nicholas II & his family in order to begin new political system?
Why did Russia change it’s name to the United Soviet Socialist Republics , or U.S.S.R.?
Distance itself from old gov’t
What sub-region in Eastern Europe has experienced some of the most violent conflicts, and contains about 50 different ethnic groups in about the land area/size of California?
Caucasus Region
Which Serbian leader tried to increase Serbia’s power over the rest of Yugoslavia, causing a war between several Balkan countries in the early 1990’s?
Slobadan Milosevic
Why have the former Yugoslavians continued to splinter into different countries over the years?
there are people of the different religions, languages, and nationalities who are not able to agree on political unity. Certain groups have attempted to ethnically cleanse other groups in the area. This area has had unrest on and off since the 14th century, and there are still cultural differences between many of the groups.
What nuclear disaster cause the relocation of over 200,000 people in 1986?
Tension between U.S.S.R. and the United States was called a “Cold War” because:
Open warfare never happened
Fertile grasslands, such as llanos and pampas found in countries like Columbia and Argentina , are best used for what type of economic activity?
Slash & Burn Farming
Countries that have a lower level of development will most likely be participating in which type of economic activity?
Subsistence agriculture or cottage industry
What was once thought to be a major path to economic prosperity for Mexico, but have been criticized for creating low wages and high amounts of pollution
A major factor contributing to the destruction of the Amazon rain forests is the…
need for farmland
What is subsistence agriculture?
Growing just enough to feed your family.
What is cottage industry?
Job done inside the home such as rug or jewelry making.
List the Push factor that led to immigration from Latin America to the United States?
Corruption, low wages, unemployment, and poor education.
List the pull factors that led to immigration from Latin America to the United States?
Stable government, jobs, freedom, and good education.
With a population pyramid is rapid growth, what type of services must the government plan in for the future? (shaped like a triangles)
they would need to expand the number of schools and day cares.
Why did more Cuban migrate to America when Castro came into power?
Because he was a communist dictator.
What was the biggest impact of the Colombian Exchange?
Diseases that killed a large number of the natives.
Why are Maquiladoras located on the border of the U.S. and Mexico?
Cuts down on transportation costs
Much of Latin America is prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity because of the meeting of plates along the Pacific…
What is one of the driest places on earth and along the northern coast of Chile
Atacama Desert
Result of NAFTA was the creation of…
In the twenty-first century, what factors most likely resulted in migration from Europe?
Poverty, Political, oppression, and Civil War
What is the primate city of Europe?
PSOS – Most European people live near…
Water and fertile farmland.
What was a result of the Potato Famine?
Many people died and migrated to the United States.
What was the disease called that killed over 25 million Europeans in the 1400s?
Bubonic Plague.
What two religions were involved in the Crusades
Islam and Christianity.
What country did the IRA fight to overthrow its rule of Ireland?
Great Britain
What leader caused WWII by trying to take over all of the countries in Europe?
Adolph Hitler
The idea of democracy started in this ancient European place:
What is the name of the economic alliance that most of Western Europe is currently involved in?
European Union
What is the name of the currency that most of the members of the European economic alliance use?
Prevent future wars, ease of trade
What are the countries in the alliance called?
Member States
What is the continental divide of Western Europe?

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