World Regional Geography

Formation of the Caucasus
Asian continents plowed Tian Shan mountains Kazakhstan and Siberia
Cause of Dryness in Central Asia
Really far from any ocean – lack of moisture causes dryness
Soil at or below the freezing point – essentially uninhabitable land
Silk Road
Central Asian crucial trade route that produced domesticated animals(horses) and crops(apples)
Mongol Empire
~1300 C.E. – Mongol Empire united area that Ghengis Khan conquered – impacted economy by enabling better trade
Russian Colonialism in Siberia
Russia used Ural Mtns. as a geographic divide in order to conquer other areas – Siberia was considered colonial backyard – Trans Siberian Railroad build to extract natural resources
Resettlement of Ethnic Russians
Ethnic hierarchy – Resettlement of Ethnic groups moved out along the railroad
Secret prisons in Siberia – Those who disagreed with Stalin sent to prison
Afghanistan War
Russia sent in troops – US funded beginnings of Al Quaeda
Openess/Freedom of speech and the press
Restructuring / Allowed more initiative on part of busniesses and individuals
Obstacles to economic reform (Russia)
Oligarchs too much power and under communism busniesses had no incentive to upgrade and were behind global competitors

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