World Regional

Red Sea
What landscape feature as that which separates the the African continent and Southwest Asia is formed when two crustal plates spread apart?
Nile, Tigris, Euphrates
Name the 3 principal rivers in North Africa/Southwest Asia, all of which attracted human settlement for thousands of years
Christianity; Judaism
Islam is considered to be an outgrowth of what two religions
What is the name of the holy book of Islam, which contains the teaching of the prophet Muhammad
Fear/Hatred of Modern Culture
What is the fundamental issue and guiding force that drives the Islamic Fundamentalist Movement or Islamic Movement
40% of the population is considered young
Despite decline in fertility rates, why is population expected to double
What group of people has migrated by hundreds/thousands to Israel after it was crated in 1948
The creation of the state of Israel in 1948 displaced what group of people
Sunni Shi’ites
Followers of Islam are divided into what two groups having different interpretations of the Qur’an as well as other traditions
What term describes a country in which a religion is the officially accepted religion of the state, such as Islam in iran
Despite the presence of numerous minority languages, what is the dominant (and official in some countries) languade in North Africa and Sotuhwest Asia
What is the name of the cartel formed in 1971 whose purpose is to manage global oil prices
Damming Rivers
Many irrigation projects in North Africa and Southwest Asia have greatly damaged soil and fertility through what process?
What human use consumes more water than any other in north Africa and southwest Asia
term describes the ecological process by which non-desert lands are turned into deserts
The countries of Maghreb depend on what world region to serve as a major source of tourists and the primary market for their exports of oil, gas, and agricultual products
Oil;Gas;Petroleum modules
What product account for 99% of Libya’s exports
Sudan; Egypt
Nile river flows north from the highlands of Uganda and Ethiopia through what two countries?
Protests against the US, (Islam ism)
The ideas of what movement appear attractive to many attractive to many of Egypts young, unemployed population
The creation of what state has caused a great deal of agitation among the counties of Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria
West Bank, Golan Heights
Name one of the two territories controlled by Israel since the war in 1967
Turkey – Istanbol
Name the Southwest Asian country and its capital city that were once the heart of the Ottoman Empire
Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea
The Bosporus Straights in the Turkey connect what two large bodies of water
Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Name the 2 economically and politically significant rivers that flow from the mountains of Turkey into Syria and Iraq
Turkey, Iran, and Iraq all contain significant minority groups of what nationality
Long Narrow Lakes
Due to the spreading apart of crustal plates, what type of feature has a significant presence among the landforms of eastern sub-Saharan Africa
The Equator
Most of the rainfall in the sub-Saharan Africa is a product of what climatic feature?
The Americas
Name the world region that was the destination for most of the slaves extracted from Africa during the European slave trade?
Creates Colonies and Colonial Boundaries
What action did European colonial powers take in order to prevent armed conflicts between themselves in Africa
By what name were the first Dutch immigrant farmers to South Africa called?
What was the name of the policy in South Africa, enacted in 1948 and thrown out in 1994, that fortified the racial segregation of its population, much to the detriment of blacks
What term is represents the deliberate destruction of an ethnic, racial, or political group?
Malaria, AIDS
Name 2 diseases mentioned in the textbook that present a serious health risk to Africans
South Africa
What country successfully diversified its economy and thus avoided many of the post colonial economic difficulties experience by most countries in sub-Saharan Africa
What resource of Botswana has produced 80 percent of that country’s export revenues
A program to equip women with low-tech modes of transport such as bicycle might be an example of what type of economic strategy discussed in the textbook
Regional Economic Groups
The formation of SADCC and ECOWAS are examples of what type of economic development strategy
Colonial Boundaries
Many ethnic and regional conflicts in sub-Saharan Africa are in large part the result of what European colonial legacy
In what country have the peolple suffered through brutal government suppression in objection to their protests over the environmental destruction of their homeland by oil producers
On foot
By what means are most good transported in rural Africa
Language, Religion, Cultural Values
Name one characteristic that is shared among people belonging to the same ethnic group
What is the name of the African region that runs south along the Sahara Desert and is threatened by desertification
What language, which is a blend of Arabic and Asian languages, has served as a lingua franca for traders in East Africa

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