Ma, president of taiwan (republic of china)
Karzai, president of Afghanistan
Wen Jiabao, premiere of China
Zardari, president of pakistan
king abdullah of saudi arabia
Hosni Mubarak, president of Egypt
Recep Tayyip; president of Turkey
Bambang, president of Indonesia
Netanyahu; Israeli prime minister
Ahmadinejad,president of Iran
ayotallah khomeni of iran
most populous chinese group
why are ethnic problems in china disappearing?
the han are moving all over
china has always had a positive what?
trade surplus (they sell more than they buy)
how much power did russia have in the 90s?
how many new countries formed from the USSR
what happened this semester to ensure Pakistan does not go down in flames?
the US gave them a lot of money
is finland in NATO?
no, b/c of winter war with russia in 1939
who was in the white house when the random people crashed the party?
Singh, prime minster of India; first official white house visit of obama’s presidency
how many more troops is obama sending to Afghanistan?
what would happen if an earthquake hit Japan?
the world economy would collapse
who won most popular russian of all time?
who just gave up their nuclear powers?
zardari of pakistan
what does Japan lack?
natural resources
a single shogun destroyed everyone else. when and what was its name?
1600, Tokugawa
who opened up japan to outside trading?
what did japan turn korea into?
in 1895 made it into a slave state for their natural resources
What did the US do to Japan in 1940?
stopped selling them oil because they were afraid of what they could do with it
What countries did Japan want to take over in WWII?
India and Australia
other part of the marshall plan
most spoken languages on earth
US government thinks who knows where al-quada are but are hiding them?
pakistani CIA
US-Pakistan relations are very….right now
marshall plan was offered to whom?
all european countries; soviet satellites didnt take it
main issue in south asia
kashmir; between pakistan and india
Turkey and Greece are original members of what?
Original members of European coal and steel community
Frace, germany, italy, belgium, luxembourg, netherlands
the original ECSC members are core of what?
What leaders are Shia?
Amminejad and Ayatollah
What leaders are Sunni?
everyone except ayatollah and amminejad
how can you spot an EU attack on the news?
someone attacks a mcdonalds
who has been trying t get into the EU since it formed?
Why was Wen traveling around so much?
He is primarily focused on resource acquisition
main US priority in helping Russia after cold war
making sure their nuclear material was under control
select russian businessmen
who is tough on oligarchs?
who is tough on oligarchs?
what are very bad aspects of russia still?
healthcare and environment
T/F Ma of Taiwan does not want to establish good ties with China
What did russia do to a lot of its stuff?
re-nationalized it; especially oil
what is Russia’s calling card that they are “back”?
their invasion of georgia
groups obama met with in singapore
obama was first president to meet with ASEAN
ASEAN plus 3
ASEAN plus south korea, japan and china
why does obama call himself the pacific president?
we are in the pacific century, if not millennium
majority of islamic world population
majority in Iran (90%) and iraq (70%)
reasons why middle east is far behind
physical overload
golden age of islam comes to an end
ottoman stagnation
team arab
all of north africa and saudi arabia and neighbors
teams in order of US likedness
team hebrew
team turk
team arab
team persia
ninjas or pirates
japans islands
From North to South: The biggest is Honshu.
1. Hokkaido
2. Honshu
3. Shikoku
4. Kyushu
top world oil producers
saudia arabia
old school islamic code of law, followed in saudi arabia

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