Female Circumcision
removing the labia and the clitoris and sometimes stitching the vulva nearly shut, makes childbirth hard, no sexual stimulation, and painful menstruation and urination (27 countries in Africa as well as other areas)
Intertropical Convergence Zone
where the North winds meet the South, generally located around the equator, and affects weather
Ethnic Cleansing
the deliberate removal of an ethnic group from a particular area by forced migration.
Export Processing Zone
specially created legal space within a country where no duties or taxes are charged, attracts foreign factory owners.
the journey to Mecca, partake once in your life if you are able.
jewish bible
produce less, cheaper to buy from others than produce yourself (Europe and Australia)
5 Pillars of Islam
1. Pray 5 times a day
2. Fast during Ramadan
3. Journey to Mecca
4. Alms to Charity
5. There is only 1 god and Muhammad is his prophet
Aral Sea
sea that is drying up and needs agriculture, in Russia
dumping excess goods into third world countries, the result is these goods displace their goods and put farmers out of business, South America becomes more dependent on Europe.
national philosophy that promotes: belief in god, conformity, corporatism, consensus, and harmony (Indonesia)
Muslim majority of Northern India, India wants to keep it for themselves, but Pakistan believes it should be theirs because it is Muslim majority, the majority want out of the region because of the bombing, shooting, etc.
Structural Adjustment Program
SAP – policies that require economic reorganization toward less government involvement in industry, agriculture, and social services; sometimes imposed by the World Bank.
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries-control world wide oil prices based on how much they expect to get.
Subsistence Affluence
the ability to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle on relatively little formal income, as is found on some South Pacific islands
Vladimir Putin
former president, current prime minister Russia, trying to run again, rigged election,
Guest Worker
Europe, a program where people go other places and work jobs that no one wants and work at a low price, helps support the local welfare system.
when someone from another culture blends in completely with a new one.
in Russia those who acquire great wealth during the privatization of Russia’s resources and to use that wealth to exercise power.
Shari’a Law
finding a moral code using the Koran
a set of values that defines manliness in MIddle and South America
region between Boston and Washington with very high population.
Four Noble Truths
1. Life is suffering
2. Desire cause suffering
3. To eliminate suffering you must eliminate desire
4. Eight fold path to enlightenment, self actualization, nirvana
Singapore- in between point of trading (city)
someone who doesn’t blend in
Coriolis Effect
change wind direction
a set of values based on the life of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, that defines the proper social rules for women in Middle and South America.
many cultures coming together and exchanging ideas.
a religion of Asia that originated in India in the sixth century as a reinterpretation of Hinduism: it emphasizes modest living and peaceful self reflection leading to enlightenment.
nature oriented vacation often taken in endangered and remote landscapes usually by travelers from industrialized nations.

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