WRG: Russia & the Middle East


Year of Russion Revolution: Russias turns into USSR

Mountain’s that devide Europe and Asia
Ural Mtns.
Highest mountains of Europe
Caucasus Mtns.
North European Plain

West of Ural Mtns.

Volga River

Sibera – Location
Russia east of Ural Mtns.
Siberia: Average Summer and Winter temps.

summer – 60

winter – -60

Main Russian tundra herding animal

Lake Baikal

  • In Russia
  • Deepest lake in the world
  • 20% of the world’s fresh water.

On pacific ring of fire; volcanoes
Russian Population
  • #8 in the wold
  • declining by 700,000 a year
  • health conditions = bad

Russia’s Relgion
Capital of Russia
Moscow; also largest city.

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